Reasons Luxury Fireplaces are Becoming a Huge Trend

Fireplaces have been around since ages, but it has made a reincarnation in the modern age to add to the glamour and décor of any modern space. From suspended fireplaces to inbuilt ones; they complement the architecture and décor and become an integral part of it.

Let’s check out some luxurious contemporary fireplaces that would definitely take your home décor up notches higher!

  • The round feature

This particular design of fireplace works excellently in being the focal point of any room and holds spellbound any viewer. This round feature is transparent, which gives a clear view of the glorious flames to onlookers and creates an enticing appeal. Such pieces work wonderfully in the lounge area.

  • The suspended-fireplace

The best aspect of this type of suspended fireplace is its ability to transform even simple furniture into a modern piece of art. Here too, you get a clear view of the flames in a way which adds a romantic touch to the entire ambiance. Complete the look with building a relaxing spot by the fireplace with some soft pillows and blanket.

  • Ceiling hung fireplace

This suspended piece is often custom-designed to fit as a cohesive unit between the floor and the ceiling. Such types not only break up any open space but also works perfectly to create an eclectic focal point. You have numerous other feature options offered by these fireplaces like creating a cozy wall space for a bespoke feel and numerous other suspended designs. Based on the space available and décor of your ambiance; you can select from a variety of the designer fireplaces.